About Us


We were the first replicators in China for the ANSI Pumps lines starting 15 years ago. At the time, it was difficult to produce one single sleeve without some flaw. But the manufacturing in China has been developed fast, with the history of know-how, we are the best option for the ANSI supplier out of China. We are not, repeat, a trading company. We are a vertical manufacturing company.

Our Slurry Pumps line has been started 8 years ago, today we have more than 500 patterns and molds for the line alone.

Our latest Blender Pump for the fracking industry has been about two years in the making.

Product lines

KIMA brand pumps can be interchangeable with world leading Weir-Warman® Slurry Pumps and ANSI chemical process pumps: ITT-Goulds® 3196 line and Flowserve-Durco® Mark III pumps. All pumps are the respected leaders of the given industries, worldwide. Now we added NOV Magnum XP blending pumps for the fracking applications.

Replication is not the only thing we did…we have done plenty of innovations to go with; we have developed our own proprietary materials especially for the abrasion and erosion resistant metals; and also has done many material upgrades and processes. We have many patented design changes that improve performances of these pumps and parts to prove.

Quality Promise

As a manufacturer we cannot afford to think, “it is off-tolerance, but usable.” So our parts are always within tolerances. But we didn’t stop there; it must go thru poke-oke, pressure testing, dynamic balance to make sure smooth performances. We add pickling, cleaning and final touches so we don’t hear; “It works great, but doesn’t look or feel right.” We’ve paid attention from the casting to packaging; every detail is covered.

Contract manufacturing

KIMA has over 33000 sq.ft manufacturing facilities on a 16 acre site. We’ll welcome any inquiries on contract manufacturing of the items we offer, and any other pumps or similar.


Sitting between two of major ports in china; Tianjin and Qingdao, KIMA is conveniently located, and also have an excellent rail road hub in Jinan.