KIMA G серии / ANSI насос

Goulds3196 Series Chemical Process Pumps
Chemical Process Pumps Description:

KIMA G Series ANSI Chemical Process Pump and its accessories can compete and be totally interchangeable with ANSI Goulds 3196 Series Pump. Shortly after introduction in 1961, Goulds® 3196 ANSI Slurry Pump became the industrial standard. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, paper, metallurgic, foods and other sectors.
Series Chemical Process Pumps
Series Chemical Process Pumps


Chemical Process Pumps Material Choices:The wet end parts are available in all standard stainless steels; CF8M, CD4MCu, CN7M plus higher alloys form HC up to titanium. We can provide any other exotic materials as well, please inquire us.


Chemical Process Pumps Disclaimer: Warman®, Goulds® and Durco® and other are the brand names of the respected owners. Any use of competitor names, trademarks, model numbers or part numbers by OTM are for reference only.